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Rim/Mortice Cylinders

All ABLOY cylinders, regardless of the mechanism type, can be supplied with individual keys, keyed alike or master keyed and of course all the different shapes can be combined within the same key system. This comprehensive range of cylinders have all been tested to meet the requirements of the BS EN1303 & UL437 standard. So whatever your requirement for door cylinders you will find the solution within the ABLOY® range.

Cylinders using ABLOY® HIGH PROFILE or ABLOY® EXEC mechanisms have a one-way operation and can only be used with lockcases made by ABLOY.

The ABLOY® PROTEC and ABLOY® DISKLOCK PRO cylinders however, have a two-way operation, making them suitable for fitting within other lockcases, for example the Euro profile (DIN) cylinder which will function with the vast majority of lockcases pierced to suit that shape of cylinder.

Please note that all PROTEC and HIGH PROFILE differ cylinders are supplied with two keys. EXEC and DISKLOCK PRO are supplied with two.

Abloy Mortice/Rim cylinders can work in a variety of differtent manufacturers mortice lock cases. Please see attached Abloy Mortice Cam sheet for specifications.

Product List
Replacement ABLOY type cylinder
Single cylinder 1-1/8" (Hardened Steel)
With hardened steel protection
Single cylinder 1" (hardened steel)
Single cylinder 1-1/4" (hardened steel)
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