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ABLOY® Parking Meter Locks
Vault Door Locks
ABLOY® Parking Meter Locks
Vault Door Locks

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ABLOY® Padlocks

ABLOY® Padlocks have been the market leaders for decades. Independent test results have confirmed that ABLOY® Padlocks continue to operate smoothly after the toughest corrosion tests. They are therefore recommended as the best possible choice for unprotected use in severe conditions. Durable materials such as hardened boron steel provide effective protection against drilling, sawing, cutting, twisting or shimming.
All grades of ABLOY® Padlocks employ similar technical solutions to provide superior performance in a wide range of applications.

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Padlock Accessories
There are several ABLOY® Padlock Accessories available for use including: chains, hasps and dust covers. These items allow for additional environmental protection and increased security flexibility.
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The ABLOY® FLEXLOCK Keyring Lock Series offers a unique additional feature to the existing level of ABLOY® patented, restricted key control systems. ABLOY® FLEXLOCK Series locks are ideal locking solutions for route key control.
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